One day a relative of mine went to visit her son in Australia. One of her grandsons in Indonesia asked her to buy the newest edition of Nintendo Trading Card Game. She asked me if I know a place where trading card games are sold here in Melbourne. She showed me the exact name of the series which are specially released by Nintendo USA. It was the first time for me to know that kids today collect those kinds of cards. I’m not much help in this matter at all. She said that it is a very popular hobby for boys where they collect, trade or exchange the card game collection.

I’m not a collector kind of person. I remember when I was a kid, I tried to collect stamps to follow the trend, but it never lasted long. No idea what happened to them. Then several years ago, I started to collect semi precious stones, but the enthusiasm waned after several months. The main reason was that it started to get a little bit costly to widen the collection. I still keep the stones: amethyst, quartz, jasper, malachite, agate, tiger eye and few others. Maybe one day I will start again….Why people collect things? Apparently people collect thing for many different reasons. The most common reasons are:It is fun and brings satisfaction.

  • For investment, like for example antiques, paintings, rare cars, coins etc.
  • Encouraged by others, like family member or a friend
  • Memories, in this case people collect souvenirs from all places that they have visited.
  • Excessive Compulsive Disorder.

Things that most people collect are not always valuable in term of money, and some of the most common collections are:

  • Coins
  • Stamps
  • Game Cards
  • Dolls
  • Old Toys
  • Books
  • Old China (Plates & Cups)
  • Tins/Cans
  • Stuffed Toys especially Teddy Bears
  • Rocks and Soil

Collections that are classified as the most valuable are: Rare & Expensive Sport cars; Old Paintings; Old coins; Old Furniture and many other genuine antiques.

The most unusual and bizarre collections:

  • FRAGMENTS FROM ACCIDENT SITES: like for examples airplane, car or train accidents. They say that a fragment of the car where Prince Diana was killed worth a lot of money today.
  • HAIR. The hair was collected from all the family members, friends or people from different races with different type & colours of hair. All the hair is stored complete with the information as to whom it belongs to. Others tend to choose celebrity hair.(Comment: a good specimens for tracking DNA).
  • FINGER NAILS: It is known that someone collect their own finger and toe nails. They don’t throw them away when they cut them.
  • CHAMBER POTS: The most common is a bowl-shaped container with a handle kept in the bedroom under a bed or in the cabinet of a  nightstand  and generally used as a urinal  at night. It is commonly used in the olden days and some of the ceramic ones are beautifully decorated.

Well if you are feeling bored and wondering what to do, you can start your very own collection. There are many things that are collectible and some will worth a fortune the longer you keep them…. And they can be handed down from generation to generation. HAPPY COLLECTING!!