Today, the State of Victoria in Australia is declared as an Emergency State because of the bush fires that were raging in a dozen of different areas around the state yesterday and some are still burning today. There are 25 people confirmed died and more than a hundred houses burnt to the ground. The extreme heat waves in the last few days, the extremely dry condition and yesterday’s very strong hot Northern wind made the fire spread out of control with a shocking speed. The wind direction changed later in the afternoon and it also changed the direction of the path of the fire and threatened different areas………….

Three of us in my family love Australian bush. One of the favourite spots we often visited is around Kinglake National Park and this is includes Toolangi Forest. We are in tears when we heard that Kinglake and the surrounding area were the worse area hit by the fire. Today, the road into Kinglake area is still closed as the situation is still regarded very dangerous.

This YouTube  link  about Bushfire with  a background of Aboriginal song and music makes me imagine the land is crying and weeping because of the irresponsible individual (s) who deliberately burn this beautiful yet a fragile place….

Our prayers are for those who have become the victims of this terrible disaster.