Do you have strange and unexplainable experiences? What do you think of them? Do you regard them as a Psychic Intuition or are they just coincidences? I had quite a few of these experiences and until today I still think that they were strange and unexplainable. I don’t think that I’m psychic but I do believe that I have a very strong intuition.

One was my experience when we had a trip to Port Campbell National Park in Victoria, Australia in January 1990. It happened when I was about to walk on the London Bridge. It was a small promontory or a long part of land that was sticking out to the sea and there was a hole underneath where the sea water flowed through like a bridge. Just like many visitors did that day, both my husband and son told me that we had to walk on the bridge. It was flat and quite wide around 10 metres wide. Without much hesitation, I followed them walking towards the famous attraction. But when I had started to walk a few steps on it, for no explainable reason I felt that it was going to collapse to the sea. My feet went like jelly and I was so afraid and almost to the point of panic stricken. I screamed to ask both my husband and son who had been already walking far ahead, to go back. Loudly I said that it was going to collapse. When they saw me walking gingerly away, both of them laughed. My husband loudly said that I was a scary cat…….So I just stood there on the sandy beach and watched those two walking on the bridge up to the far end. I was so relieved when they came back to me safely.

The next day, we heard from the news that the famous London Bridge had crashed into the sea. The shocking news brought chills down my spine and my husband starred at me in disbelief……………

 The other experience that I was going to write was when we were visiting Werribee Mansion Park which is about 30 minutes drive from Melbourne Central sometime in early 1990s. The magnificent Italian style building was built between the years of 1874 to 1877. On one stage in the past they used this great building as a school (Corpus Christi College) for training young men to enter priesthood.

The strange experience happened when I was going to the toilet which at that time was located on one side separated from the mansion. When I got closer to the little toilet building I felt really chilled and frightened. I just did not have any courage to go there. So I had to hold the nature’s call until later when we were back to Werribee Township.

Later on I read somewhere that Werribee Mansion was haunted and one of the places that was haunted was that toilet area. I’m not so sure if the old toilet block is still exist today as I haven’t been back there again. They have built a modern Sofitel Hotel adjacent to the old mansion.


The images above are London Bridge before and after the fall and also an image of Werribee Mansion.