When my Peace rose blooms profusely in Spring this year, I was really captivated by it’s beauty. Then I started to wonder why they named this particular rose “Peace”? Was it to remind us of peace? Then later on I looked for the answer online. How perfect is the name for such beautiful flowers with the softest colour blend. 


For those who like roses, should grow a Hybrid Tea Rose called “Peace”. With the cultivar name Rosa “Mme A. Meilland”, this hybrid tea rose has stunningly large and beautiful flowers. The colour is light yellow and cream with a hint of pink on petal edges. It was developed by a French horticulturist  Francis Meilland  during the years of 1935 and 1936, by cross pollinating and grafting some rose hybrids.

When Meilland saw that Germany started to invade his country during the WW II, he sent few cuttings of this new rose to friends in United States, Turkey, Italy and Germany with the hope of preserving it. Later on when the war ended in 1945, Meilland made a special request  to a war hero Field Marshal Alan Brooke to use his name  for the rose. However Viscount Alanbrooke declined and suggested a better name “Peace”. Since then Rosa Mme A Meilland  has a trade name “Peace”.

Every delegation for the first meeting of the United Nations in San Francisco in 1945, were given Peace roses with a note that said: “We hope the ‘Peace’ rose will influence men’s thoughts for everlasting world peace”

Since then it was no doubt that Peace rose has become the most beautiful tea rose ever. It is available both in standard or climbing form.  The very large bloom was sweetly scented and it is fully double with more than 50 petals. It is disease resistance with strong and vigorous branches and has very attractive dark green leaves. The long stems will be perfect for cutting flowers

This new year of 2009 has been tainted by yet another troubles in  Gaza. Let us hope that the efforts for peace negotiation work.  To follow the purpose of the naming this historical rose, let us all remember the horrid  of all wars to mankind and let us all pray for Peace of Our World……………….