We have different hobbies. I enjoy gardening, growing bonsai, cooking , music and bushwalking. My husband’s hobby is Ten Pin Bowling while our son spends his spare time  doing Geocahing and Off Road 4WD.

Facts about bonsai:

  • Bonsai is an ancient art more than 2000 years old
  • It started in China during the Han Dynasty in 206 BC and later the Japanese perfected the art.
  • Bonsai is a miniature tree which is grown in a shallow pot or a tray and it can live for hundreds of years.
  • The maintainance of bonsai includes yearly repotting and cutting of the roots for most plants. It also needs  shaping, training and prunning.


Ten Pin Bowling:

  • Acheological evidence showed that bowling is around 7000 years ald which started in Egypt.
  • Bowling was practiced by important people in the past which included Henry VIII and Martin Luther.
  • Now it is 2nd most played sport with over 1200 million participants worldwide.


  • Geocaching is a sport of hobby which involves hiding and finding   objects by using GPS data to log the cache and share this data with potential players.
  • GPS system was first designed for military purposes where the signal was degraded which is known as Select Availability (SA).
  • On may 1st, 2000  President Clinton Administratioan removed SA which made it possible to use for games.
  • The first geocache was created for celebrating the SA removal by some one in Portland Oregon int the following May 3rd in the form of a hidden container of goodies.
  • Mike Teague was the first to find the container, and built his personal web page to document the cache and posted it to sci.geo.satelite-nav newsgroup.
  • In July 2000, Jeremy Irish found Mike Teague’s web site and found  his cache. He contacted Teague with a new site design and called the game Geocaching.
  •  The official opening of the new site was on September 6 and since it has grown to caches in all 50 states in US and over 100 other countries worldwide.
  • Jeremy Irish has been maintaining Geocaching.com ever since with the help of Geocachers around the world.