Australia is famous for the odd road signs. Few of them don’t even make sense. While others obviously have been vandalized to make them funny.

If you travel along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, you will be greeting by a questionable road sign. It warns us to drive on the left side of the road. Yes’ we all know that we drive on the left side and that our car has right-hand steering wheel. No clear reason why we have to be reminded of this suddenly. Is it because we the Aussies are so forgetful and have short attention span so we easily forget which way to drive? Then again if it is the case, why the warning signs are only around this area and not anywhere else? Some say that those signs are meant for tourists. But, do they only drive around here??? Does it make sense to you?


In Frankston Victoria, there are these funny road signs. One is obviously had been vandalized by some one by changing the picture. While the other one I’m not really sure why it is there for unclear purpose. But surely, it will make people smile when they read it.

road-hump  notice-board1

Australia has a strict rule to stop people from bringing fresh fruits from one area to the other to prevent the spread of fruit flies. Fruit flies are regarded as one of the worse pests that can ruin fruit crops. For example, if you are travelling from the State of Victoria and crossing the border to New South Wales, there is this road sign to tell you where you have to stop your car and dispose any fresh fruit that you have. The bin where you have to discard the fruits is provided there on the side of the road. Well, I suppose the authority can control people, but how can they control the fruit flies themselves if these pesky fruit flies suddenly decide to cross the border??


The last but not least is the love of Australian people of the wildlife. All across this great continent, there are many road signs to warn drivers to be cautious when they are approaching wildlife habitat. Here are some of the road signs.