It has been more than a year since the world lost one of The Three Tenors. Luciano Pavarotti, a son of a baker from Modena, Italia was born October 12, 1935 and  he died on September 6, 2007.

Although his early dream as an average young boy was to become a goal keeper in soccer game, his father’s collections of music from popular tenors of that time like Beniamino Gigli, Giovanni Martelli, Tio Schipa and Entrico Caruso had influenced young Luciano to love classical music. His own favorite tenors were Giuseppe Di Stefano and Jan Kiepura. During his younger years he loved to see Mario Lanza’s Movies and he would imitate him singing in front of a mirror.

Soon he forgot his dream of becoming a professional goal keeper and in 1964 at the age of 19 he started to take seven years in vocal training. He was famous in having a perfect pitch.The first professional performance was in 1961 in Italy, followed by various shows all around Europe. His Australian tour was his first world-wide recognition as he accepted the invitation from a well known Australian soprano Joan Sutherland. Soon he made his first debut in Miami, USA. In 1968, he debuted at New York City’s Metropolitan Opera, earning considerable acclaim.

The first time Pavarotti stepped out of an exclusively opera tenor singer and ventured into popular singer was when he sang together with Jose Carreras and Placido Domingo at the 1990 World FIFA Cup in Italy. The trio was known as The Three Tenors.

Together with Domingo and Carreras, The Three Tenors were known for doing charity concerts for refugees, Red Cross ant many other causes. He had 4 daughters, three from his first wife.

Pavarotti died after losing a battle with pancreatic cancer on September6, 2007. He left four daughters, three from his first wife and a young daughter from his second wife. The world had lost one of the best tenors. We will forever  miss the smile of a generous man with the golden voice.


La Donna E Mobile By Luciano Pavarotti: