Back in my early teens, one of my favourite songs was Sukiyaki which was sung by The Blue Diamond. Until to day I still love the song and recently I found and enjoy the original Sukiyaki song which is a Japanese song.

If people talk about Sukiyaki, it can mean two things. It is either the food or the song.

The Song

In 1961, a Japanese singer Kyu Sakamoto released a single that in the future became the world sensation. It is a love song called Ue O Muite Aruko  which literally means “I Look Up When I Walk”. It is a sad song about a man who lost his love.

This is the song translation in English: 

I look up when I walk, so the tears won’t fall

Remembering those happy spring days, but tonight I’m alone


I look up when I walk, counting the stars with tearful eyes

Remembering those happy summer days, but tonight I’m alone


Happiness lies above the cloud, happiness lies above the sky

I look up when I walk, so the tears won’t fall


My heart is filled with sorrow, for tonight I’, all alone

Remembering those happy autumn days, but tonight I’m all alone


Sadness hides in the shadow of the stars

Sadness lurks in the shadow of the moon


I look up when I walk, so tears won’t fall

My heart is filled with sorrow, for tonight I’m all alone


In 1963, about two years after becoming a hit in Japan, Ue o muite aruko started to hit popularity in Europe and Us.

From Wikipedia, it is written that in 1963, the British record label Pye Records released a cover version of the song by Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen. They were concerned that English-speaking audiences might find the original title too difficult to remember/pronounce, so they gave it the new title of “Sukiyaki'”. This title was retained when Capitol Records in the United States, and His Master’s Voice in the UK, released Kyu Sakamoto’s original version a few months later.

 Since then many singers from all over the world sang this song in many various languages.

One of Sukiyaki Cover by 4PM:



Sukiyaki the Food:

 It is known that Sukiyaki actually is a name of a Japanese popular dish. It is some type of one pot meal. The main ingredient is thin sliced meat, mainly beef, and it is simmered in a skillet or a pan using sukiyaki sauce. Then various of vegetables can be added along with noodles and slices of tofu. 

Cooking Sukiyaki: