Can you believe it that “Cliff Richard” was my first crush?  He was my childhood Idol.  I listened to all his songs, read all the gossips about him, collected his pictures and dreamt about him.  

At that time in the early 60s we were not as lucky as kids today. No TV shows, not even a cassette player yet (not till about early 1970s). The lucky ones could afford a record player , but we did not have one, so I relied on our radio to hear his songs.

Thinking back, it was so funny how my older sister and I used to argue whose idol was the best.  Her idol was Ricky Nelson. She used to say that Ricky Nelson was the best looking guy on earth and his voice was the smoothest and the clearest.  At the time being still at Primary School, we knew nothing of English. We only started to study English at the start the Junior High School. However, we managed to get a copy of letter in English to send to singers or film stars to ask for photos. We didn’t miss the chance, and we both sent a few hand written copies of the letter to our idol.

How my heart was beating fast when finally I got a letter from Cliff. I was so proud to receive a signed black & white photograph. I said to my self: “Cliff Richard had read my letter and sent me a photo, just imagine that!!!” …… I was behaving like all my dreams came true. At the time, it never crossed my mind that Cliff himself would know nothing of my letter.  It was of course his secretary we who had (more than likely) read my letter and sent the photo.

Later on, when my sister received a much larger and trendier letter from Ricky Nelson, I felt really beaten because I knew what she was going to say to prove that her idol was better. Surely she showed off 3 full colour photographs, double postcard size. One of Ricky himself, then another one with all the Nelson Family and the last one with his wife……

She bragged how generous Ricky was and said that Cliff was just shockingly stingy. Then I said that at least Cliff was still single, and Ricky has been married. It shut her up…….. Ha….

I continued to enjoy Cliff’s songs until my early adulthood. But now more than 45 years later, I found out that his voice was nothing very special (*I’m so sorry, Sir Cliff). The heart throb of my younger years was just a memory. Occasionally I still like to listen to his songs, especially the latest ones.

For those who are too young to know who Cliff Richard was, this is a bit of profile about him. By the way, Cliff Richard who now is known as Sir Cliff is never married, until today he is still single (Once again I beat my sister about this (ha…), especially knowing that Ricky Nelson was sadly no longer with us. He died in a plane crash in 1985)

Cliff Richard:

Birth Name:  Harry Rodger Webb

Born:  14 October 1940 in Lucknow, United Provinces, (British) India.

Nationality:  British

Genres: Rock and Roll, Pop

Occupations: Singer and Actor in his younger years

Instruments: Vocals, Guitar

Years Active:  From 1958 – Present

Labels: EMI, Columbia, Epic, Rocket, Papillon

Band: The Shadow

Sir Cliff: After an announcement earlier in the year as part of the Queens Birthday Honours List, Cliff Richard became Sir Cliff Richard at 10:30am on October 25 1995.

Cliff Richard was known for his youthful look and long lasting careers.

Some of his popular songs:

Living Doll, The Young One, Summer Holiday, The Minute You’re Gone, Congratulations

His popular songs after 1970: We Don’t Talk Anymore, Mistletoe & Wine and Millennium Prayer, Wired for Sound, Miss You Nights, Ocean Deep, Give A Little Bit More etc.

This is a YouTube link to listen to one song from Sir Cliff Richard that I like to listen called Ocean Deep: