Welcome to Kiyanti2008 Weblog. My name is Lois. I was born and raised on the Island of Java…and I am married to an Australian and have been living here in this Great Southern Land for many years of my life. I love writing, gardening, bonsai growing and bushwalking. I enjoy my solitude time… It is when I find inspirations and peace of mind.


Written by Lois 





In solitude I am not solitary

I travel into deeper dimension

The inner self is my good company

There the peace and solace are abundant

In my solitude I blend with nature

And I’ll be freed of burden and worry

Just as a dew drop I feel fresh and pure

Soaked in mother earth’s splendour and beauty

In solitude I converse with inner self

For gaining inspirations and wisdom

Being alone is when I reason to my self

How to deal with life’s conflict and problem

Don’t confuse solitude with loneliness

If lonely you feel empty and restless

 Family Photo