A Sonnet

Myriad of creamy spikes rising from dead

Proudly growing from charred burnt bodies

Strangely adorn spiky green grass like head

Blackboy flowers bloom after fire tragedies

Awakened by thick smoke and searing heat

Blackboys’ battle for survival comes to life

Ash rich soil is exactly what they need

They are now showing their beauty and strive

Brilliant and vivid, fluffy spikes grow in plenty

Cheering up the sombre blackened gum trees

Out of this world pictures so extraordinary

Our Mother Nature’s own art specialties

Aussie’s outback glory and miracle

Thousands of grasstrees tell their life struggle

 About This Poem:

On a sunny Sunday morning 29th October 2006, we went to see the blooming blackboy grass trees (Xanthorrhoea australis) in Brisbane Ranges National Park, Victoria, Australia. It was not very far from a little town called Anakie. All along the street on the side of the National Park we witnessed one real wonder of nature. Thousands of blackboy grass trees were proudly showing their tall spiky flowers towering above the green grassy head.

The sight was some kind of weird, out of this world and at the same time was just breath taking. Where anything else in that place did not show any significant life due to the fire tragedy back in January, the blackboy grass thriving on the ground that was still covered by thin layer of white ash. The heat of the fire and the ash was a very suitable condition for these plants to thrive.  From the black burnt trunk, the growth spurt starts few months after the fire. The green long grass-like leaves started to grow form the top of the trunk, followed by a long spiky flower. The seeds that fell and remained in the soil before the fire also start to germinate.